A small, sweet French café

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city

in Berlin

Start your day with a delicious breakfast at our place. Enjoy a diverse selection of fresh ingredients, various egg dishes, and tempting beverages in a cozy atmosphere. Let yourself be pampered by our culinary offerings and experience the perfect start to your day.


Indulge in our unique business lunch featuring delicious galettes, fresh salads, and refreshing beverages. We look forward to pampering you with a delightful lunch menu!

Selection of French pastries

Immerse yourself in our delicious world of cakes and let yourself be captivated. Our enticing cakes are a true delight for the senses – with delicate crusts, creamy fillings, and artistic decorations.

Selection of sweet crêpes

Sweet crepes are an irresistible delight for all dessert lovers!

These thin, delicious pancakes from France are renowned for their versatile fillings, such as Nutella, fresh fruits, cinnamon and sugar, or delightful whipped cream.

French duck confit

With us you can expect delicious flavors:

Crispy duck, spicy red cabbage and delicious dumplings – a delicious trio. Visit us for a delicious duck food!
We look forward to your visit.


Homemade galettes are true delights for the taste buds!

Prepared with love and care, these thin and hearty buckwheat pancakes are a delicacy from French cuisine.

"Visit the charming Galetterie Cafe Berlin
and indulge in a taste of France in the capital city.

Immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of a French cafe and savor our delicious galettes and tempting desserts.

Experience a culinary journey to Paris right at your doorstep!"

Galetterie Café Berlin

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Galettes are a French delicacy, known for their thin, savory buckwheat pancakes. They originate from the region of Brittany in France. Filled with various ingredients such as cheese, vegetables, or meat, galettes offer a versatile and flavorful option for food enthusiasts around the world.

Our menu
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